Mercury Emissions Compliance – Cement Americas Summer 2015

The True Cost of Dust Shuttling and a Viable Alternative.

By Melissa Harrison, Mercury Capture Systems USA

US cement kilns face the challenge of reducing mercury emissions to comply with new regulatory limits.  Under conventional operations, all of the mercury entering the kiln system through raw materials and fuels is eventually emitted out the kiln stack.  Common compliance methods include reducing mercury inputs, dust shuttling, and sorbent injection.  What are the true costs associated with these practices and is there a better, more efficient process?

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Capturing Mercury in CKD – International Cement Review February 2015

by Christopher Poling, Mercury Capture Systems USA

 The Thermal Desorbtion Gas Reactor is introduced in the February 2015 issue of the International Cement Review.

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Capturing mercury emissions

Mercury Capture Systems Thermal Desorbtion Gas Reactor is featured as a custom-engineered and desinged solution to collect vaporized mercury at a pilotplant at Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC in Moberly, Mo.

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First Patent for Mercury Capture Systems

Mercury Capture Systems
The first patent was formally issued on November 7, 2014.
(US 8,876,967 B2) for the Cement kiln dust treatment system and method

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