SCB has over 10 years of proven experience in landfill and ash management.

SCB provides Coal Combustion Products (CCP) regulation-compliant landfill and ash pond impound management services. We can dredge active ash ponds, dewater the material, and provide options for temporary ash storage or reuse. Our on staff Professional Engineers coordinate operations to ensure compliance with the CCP rule and your facility’s permit requirments.

SCB has provided ash pond dewatering, testing, excavation, hauling, and recycling for large utilities since 2005. Over 800,000 tons of ash have been reclaimed and recycled.

In addition to CCP management, SCB can provide its own proprietary ash beneficiation process:

  • Removes moisture from coal combustion by-products such as fly ash, bottom ash, synthetic gypsum, activated carbon, and spent sorbents
  • Removes mercury from coal combustion by-products such as ponded ash, synthetic gypsum, activated carbon other spent sorbents
  • Treatment of ash to reduce leachability of heavy metals before placement or after recovery
  • Reduces fly ash loss on ignition (LOI)